1 IOT Based Led Notification Display Using Nodemcu/Raspberry Pi
2 Controlling Industrial Electrical Devices Anywhere In The World Using Telegram Messenger
3 IOT Based Employee Login/Logout System Using RFID/FPS
4 IOT Based Realtime Vehicle Tracker Using Gprs Technology
5 Implementation of Internet of Things for Home Automation Using Uesr Login System
6 GSM Based Agriculture Motor (5ph/7ph) Control System
7 IOT Based Smart Security System Using Fingerprint Sensor And Mail Service
8 ID Card Barcode Scanner Based College Entrying System Using IOT
9 Fps And Barcode Detection System For Campus Gate Controlling
10 Human Face Detection Based Home Door Opening System
11 IOT Based Live Streaming System On Robot
12 Telegram Messenger App Based Checking Home Condition And Control System Using IOT
13 Messenger Based Wireless Notice Board Display System
14 Secreate Vehicle Tracking On Google Map And Auto Engine Off Using GPRS
15 Biometric Based Authentication System Live Image Capturing And Mail
16 IOT Based Unauthorized Push Notification And Alerting System Using Telegram App
17 Barcode Id Detection Based Student Attendance To Parents Through Push Notification (Telegram App)
18 IOT Based Student Library Management System Using Barcode Reader
19 Realization of a Low Cost Smart Home System Using Telegram Messenger and Voice
20 Arduino based Security Access Control System for Colleges using Barcode Technology
21 Intruder Detection Warning System via Telegram
22 FM based College Radio with distance 400m using Raspberry Pi
23 Automatic SMS reader for blind people using Raspberry Pi
24 Helmet detection for traffic rules using Image processing with Raspberry Pi
25 Automatic object detection with voice feedback for blind people using Raspberry Pi and deep learning
26 Automatic bus ticketing system based on QR code along with seat vacancy
27 Live video streaming for She Cabs for Women security system
28 Automatic vehicle seat count and update to Internet of things based Server with live Tracking
29 Sign language recognition using image based hand gesture recognition techniques
30 Raspberry Pi Based Traffic Density Monitoring and controlling System